Co-Founder – El La Katrina

Katrina Brook Flores aka El La Katrina is a Bgirl, Master of Ceremony, poet and visual artist/filmmaker. She combines experience/skills as an artist, activist, academic and organizer to create work that builds capacities and is healing for her communities. El La Katrina and Bgirl Maaca founded GIRL ILLA Tactics, a production venture, in 2013 as a way to amp up leadership within the Bgirl Community and to bring awareness of the scene to outside support in a good way and it has grown into an online multimedia platform for community participation, content and growth.

As a student at UW-Madison, El La Katrina served as the Arts-In-Education Director for the first Hip Hop Scholarship program in the country called First Wave through the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives (OMAI), where she crystallized their programmatic pillars called the Three A’s: Academics/Arts/Activism. In addition, Flores co-created InterCultural Dialogues (ICD), a “For-Students-By-Students” undergraduate course in Sociology, and Co-Directed Breakin’ the Law: International Festival of Urban Movement (BTL). Through her work, she’s performed and taught in many places and partnered with communities/organizations using Hip Hop Culture to transform their lives in the Philippines, China, Cambodia, Bulgaria, South Africa and throughout Central American and the US. She is part of Goddistas Crew and is currently the Program Consultant and Internship Coordinator; Associate Curator for the B-Series at the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago.